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[Update 22.10.07] This is the new version of my personal portfolio online. I took a big break between the last Flash Version an the current one in HTML+AJAX, in order to provide a more functional and standarized site, allowing easier updating than with ASP.

As a difference with the previous version, this site doesn`t include commercial works. Professional work will be resolved by my company Soda Studio. Any questions or requests, please feel free to send an email to info[@]soda.cl

I thank the questions of many people from several countries about the updating of the site.

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About Me

My name is Felipe Iglesias, I'm a designer born in 1983 at Santiago de Chile. I've developted my life between art and design studies, always searching for the integration of technologies and images, deriving in Art Direction of many projects, both printed and audiovisual.

At the end of 2006 I created Soda Studio Ltda. A company focused in the interdisciplinary development of design products, from web sites to high standard portals to several organizations in Chile and other countries, as well as Corporate development.

Nowadays I'm Communications and Art Director of my company and this is my personal site.

For personales quetions, mail to Contacto.
For commercial questions, mail to info@soda.cl

6th Asault, 2007 5th Asault, 2007 4th Asault, 2007 3rd Asault, 2007 2nd Asault, 2007 1th Asault, 2007
»Fiveassaults | Threeknockout
Published in July 9th, 2007

Swimming Girl, 2007 Mr.T, 2006 Red Oktober, 2006 Superficial, 2006 The Mars Volta, 2006 Lolita, 2006
Nino Bravo, 2007 Dj Brit, 2006 Dj Ebeats, 2006 Wild Bitch, 2005 Pink Kiss, 2005 Self-Potrait, 2005
Published in December 2005- May 2006


« Ideas materialized in vectors. Conceived for its masification and reproduction at big and small format.

La Fiera, 2003 Oficinista, 2003 Cobrador, 2003 Shuuu, 2003 Nerd, 2003
Deforme, 2003 Notable Profesor, 2003 Gordo Bastardo, 2003 Anciano, 2003 Perdedor, 2003
»Shiny Happy People
Published in August, 2003


« Drows, sketches and crafts.

Cables, 2007 Tréboles, 2007 Tubo, 2007 Florece en Rojo, 2007 Muro, 2007 Resorte, 2007 Puerta, 2007
Periódico, 2007 Silla, 2007 Flores Secas, 2007 Felpa, 2007 Cala, 2007 Hojas, 2007 Cactus, 2007
Chimenea, 2007 Ale en Nudos, 2007 Jeans, 2007 Tulipa, 2007 Plug, 2007 Escalímetro, 2007 Fortuna, 2007
Published in October, 2007

Gloton Lucho Chronicles, 2007 Gloton Lucho Chronicles, 2007 Gloton Lucho Chronicles, 2007 Gloton Lucho Chronicles, 2007 Gloton Lucho Chronicles, 2007 Gloton Lucho Chronicles, 2007
Gloton Lucho Chronicles, 2007 Dj Brit, 2006 Dj Ebeats, 2006 Gloton Lucho Chronicles, 2007 Pink Kiss, 2006 Gloton Lucho Chronicles, 2007
»Fat Lucho Chronicles
Published in June, 2007


« Visual experiments, photographic exercises and observations.

Relax Magazine, 2007 »Relax
Published in September 9th, 2007
Hilarius and Sarcastic periodic free magazine with online distribution.

Cincoasaltos|Tresknockout, 2007 »Fiveassaults | Threeknockout
Published in July 9th, 2007
Book of my personal works. School of Design, University of Chile.


« Some publications I have been involved or authored.


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